2D Game Stalls

Badminton, Baseball

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Deluxe Games

6ft Wheel, Ang Bao Challenge, Archery Fun Shoot, Big Catch, Coin Toss, Crossbow Hunting, Darting, Drive Home, Feed the Elephant, Fetch a Duck, Frog Jump, Fun Bowl, Game Set n Roll, Goblet, Helicopter Landing, Horseshoes, Hot Pot, Hot Shot, Loop the Monkey, Loop the Nail, Lucky Hand, Pinball, Reach Out Your Hands, Read My Mind, Roll Down, Safari Hunting, Save The Egg, Sharp Shooter, Shooting Gallery, Soccer with Fencing, Texas Hoop em, Throw Can

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Giant Board Games

Giant Aeroplane, Giant Jenga, Giant Pick Up Sticks, Giant Twister, Snake & Ladder

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Kampung Games

Chapteh, Five Stones, Goli, Hop-Scotch, Pick Up Sticks

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Regular Game Stalls

3ft Wheel, 4ft Wheel, Badminton, Basketball, Beer Mug Sliding, Bowling, Colour Matching, Cover The Egg, Cover The Star, Dart the Black, Dice, Dino Land, Drive Home, Feed the Frog, Fishing, Flying Saucer, Football, Golf, Hockey, Horse Shoes, Loop the Nail, Loop the Stick, Mini Basketball, Mini Milk Churn, Missile Shoot, Netball, Pool Table, Read My Mind, Ring the Bottle, Roll Down, Roll In, Safari Shoot, Sepak Takraw, Serve the Plate, Shoot the Clown, Shoot the Number, Steady Hand, Table Tennis, Throw Can, Tic Tac Toe, Velcro Ball

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