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Choose from our largest selection of Amusement Rides for your special event, whether it’s a Cartoon Train for birthday parties or Horse Carousel for festive season, we have them all!

All rides are operated by qualified personnel.

All necessary rides are certified by BCA.

Animal Rides, Battery Jeeps, Battery Ride, Candy Ship, Cartoon Train, Chasing Cars, City Train, Clown Swing, Cycle Jet, Double Storey Horse Carousel, European Swing, Ferris Wheel, Flying Balloon, Flying Carpet, Flying Elephant, Heli Jet, Horse Carousel Deluxe, Horse Carousel Junior, Horse Carousel Royal, Ironman, LED Battery Ride, London Train, Mini Galleon, Mini London Train, Mini Pirate Ship, Mini Trackless Train, Ocean Carousel, Pirate Train, Robotic Rides, Snow Swing, Space Car, Tanker Carousel, Tea Cup, Trackless Train

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Carnivals and bouncers, they go hand in hand! With more than 30 sets of inflatable bouncers of various sizes and themes, we're sure there is something for you.

Animal Kingdom, Castle Bouncer, Christmas Bouncer, Dino Land, Dolphin Bouncer, Dragon Bouncer, Dream Playland, Funtasica, Happy Bouncer, Happy Goat, Hippo Belly, King's Castle, Kung Fu Castle, Lion Cave, Lost Civilization, Magical Fairytales, Mini Playground A, Mini Playground B, Monkey Paradise, Monkey Playground, Monster Truck, Ocean Bouncer, Palm Tree Bouncer, Panda Bouncer, Pirate Ship, Rabbit Ball Play, River Boat, Santa House, Spooky House, Tiger Bouncer, Tropicana, Zoo Play

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Sliding is great fun and we have more than 10 types of sliders for you to select from.

Castle Slider, Climb n Slide, Clown Head Slider, Dino Slider, Ocean Slider, Palace Slider, Pirate Slider, Robot Slider, Tropical Slider

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Get Wet, Have Fun! Our range of Water Play stations offer loads of exciting water fun even if you are away from the sea…

All equipment are operated by qualified personnel.

All necessary equipment are certified by BCA.

Bumper Boat, Drum Walker, Dunking Tank, Paddle Boat,
Water Obstacle Course, Water Slide

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Are you hosting a Family Day, a Fund-raiser, a Carnival, a Corporate Function or a D & D?
Game stalls is a must-have for any event!

We supply experienced game crews to operate the game stalls at additional cost.

We supply a wide range of game prizes at additional cost. Call us to find out more!

More than 100 types of Carnival Game to choose from: Regular Game Stalls, 2D Game Stalls, Kampong Game Stalls, Deluxe Game Stalls, UK Carnival Games, Giant Board Games

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Great selection of sports activities for all ages!

All equipment are operated by qualified personnel.

All necessary equipment are certified by BCA.

Bungee Basketball, Bungee Hawaii, Bungee Run & Dunk, Colosseum Warrior, Gladiator, Human Foosball, Inflatable Archery, Inflatable Dart, Kidz Gym, Leap and Bounce, Mini Olympic, Olympic Challenge, Penalty Shoot, Rock Wall, Rodeo Bull, Sumo Wrestling, Trampoline Bed, Wipe Out

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Enjoy Movies Under the Stars! Offering unique event experiences for you and your guests.

Movie licenses are applicable and at additional cost.

We have different configurations to cater for your event. Call us to find out more.

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Fun and engaging carnival stations that cater to events of all nature and purposes.

All equipment are operated by qualified personnel.

All necessary equipment are certified by BCA.

Candy House Inflatable, Cash Flow Machine, Claw Machine, Foam Party, King Of The Hammer

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Theme up your event with our selected range of dancing tubes, sky dancers, inflatable arches and list goes on.

Castle Arch, Dancing Tubes, Dolphin Arch, Double Leg, F1 Track, Grand Prix Arch, Jester, Lighted Arch, Lighted Cones, Lighted Pillars, Multi-Racial Arch, Multi-Racial Dancers, Single Leg, Twin Tower Arch

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Find a wide variety of snacks here! Be treated with a selection of old school snacks that will take you down memory lane, all-time favourites and snacks that are in trend.

All our in-house snack stalls are operated by NEA certified Food Handlers.

Candy Floss, Chinese Tutu Kueh, Cup Corn, Ding Ding Candy, Dragon Beard Candy, Hot Dog Bun, Ice Ball, Kacang Puteh, Magic Ice-Cream, Malay Tutu Kueh, Malt Candy, Muah Chee, Popcorn, Putu Mayam, Snow Ice, Steamed Peanuts

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Have fun bonding and building something from scratch with your family and friends. Bring home your personalised designs as memorabilia. Pick and mix these activities to your liking!

Rental of kiddie tables and chairs are available at additional cost.

3D Craft Making, Candle Making, Mask Painting, Sand Art, Shrink Art, Tote Bag Painting

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